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PlanPV: Solar Planning and Proposal maker

PlanPV is an easy software to design your residential or commercial projects and issue proposal with solar analysis and charts. It allows you to design your own custom proposal.

Professional Bill Management

PlanPV has a powerful bill management. It allows you to edit and save your own custom rate plan. PlanPV includes all US rates and supports all plan types including Flat/TOU/Tiered or Tiered TOU and Demand charges. It also recalculates saving after rate plan conversion.

Multi Inverters / Multi arrays

PlanPV is designed to keep multi inverter set for a project. For each inverter set you can design multi arrays with different Panel types.


Three shading methods are available in PlanPV. You can put trees over actual trees around your project and visually adjust it to get estimated shading for each panel. Also you can type average shading for each array. and finally you can enter AM/PM shading for each array.

String size calculation

PlanPV let you be aware of your String size for each array. It suggests to remove or add specific amount of panels to get to right string size.

 Visual design

With PlanPV you can put panels with actual dimension on your project site and calculates your required space. Also It detects your panel direction automatically.

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